SLED Research Lab @ University of Michigan

Language use in human communication is shaped by our goals, our shared experiences, and our understanding of each other's abilities, knowledge, and beliefs. Led by Prof. Joyce Chai, the Situated Language and Embodied Dialogue (SLED) lab (formerly, the LAIR group) develops computational models for language processing that take into account the rich situational and communicative context and build embodied AI agents that can communicate with humans in language.
  • First group meeting for Fall 2021 🎉
  • The BBB building, where our office is located. 🎓
  • First in-person group dinner at Evergreen Restaurant. 🍽


  • [Oct. 2021] Very excited that our work MindCraft: Theory of Mind Modeling for Situated Dialogue in Collaborative Tasks has received an Outstanding Paper Award at EMNLP 2021! Congratulations to Paul, Sky, and Joyce!!
  • [Oct. 2021] Congratulations to Yichi for successfully passing the prelim exam!!
  • [Aug. 2021] SLED has 3 papers accepted to EMNLP 2021! Congrats to Shane, Paul and Yichi! 🙌🙌
  • [June 2021] Congratulations to Emily and Shane for successfully passing the prelim exam!!
  • [Apr. 2021] Very excited to have Ziqiao (Martin) Ma and Jianing (Jed) Yang join SLED in Fall 2021!
  • [Oct. 2020] Congratulations to Paul for successfully passing the prelim exam!!